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Accotink Creek (VA) – Trout



Where: Accotink Creek, Virginia.  Upstream of the tennis courts at the Audrey Moore Recreational Center.

When: March 7, 2009 – Early afternoon

Water Temperature:   42°F

Permits: Virginia fishing permit and trout stamp

Catch: None

Access: Very good, with great parking and even restrooms.  Highly recommend waders (hip are fine).


Accotnik Creek



Trip Report:

I didn’t go into this one with high hopes after reading several other trip reports out there on the web, but I figured it was worth a shot since it was inside the beltway and had pretty easy access.  I parked near the tennis courts at the Audrey Moore recreational center in Wakefield Park, and took the dirt path that goes right by courts 1 and 2 down to the river.

The creek looked promising at first.  Although the water was not particularly clean looking, there were many nice riffles and pools that looked like they could hide trout.  As nothing was breaking the surface, I started out trying some nymphs.  After working my way through the first several pools without seeing any signs of trout it became apparent that I was probably going to strike out on this trip.  The further upstream I got, the more garbage and debris I noticed in the creek…a poor little  beaver had even dropped dead in the middle of the creek recently, which was surely not helping the fishing downstream.  I was happy to have my waders on here, I wouldn’t want to go in there with just a bathing suit on.

After a couple hours with no signs of life I made it to the first bridge north of the rec center.  Here I met another fly guy who had just covered the creek all the way from the bridge to Little River Turnpike with similar results.  Neither of us saw any signs of fish or insects in the creek.

Here are a few photos I took while I was there:


Accotink Creek

Accotink Creek

Accotink Creek

Accotink Creek

Trash Piled up at Accotink Creek

Trash Piled up at Accotink Creek


Bottom Line:

I won’t be coming back here; to be honest I’m surprised they stock this stretch of water, it seems cruel to the trout.  If I’m looking for a trip to a stream inside the beltway on the Virginia side I will go to Holmes Run instead.

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