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Jeremy’s Run (VA) – Trout



Where: Jeremy’s Run, Northwest Shenandoah Park, Virginia

When: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 (afternoon)

Water Temperature:   42°F

Permits: Virginia state permit and trout stamp

Catch: None (saw plenty)

Access: Good access from skyline drive via Jeremy’s run trail.  Also accessible from the bottom of the park.


Jeremy's Run



Trip Report:

I went to Jeremy’s run on a Wednesday because I’ve heard it can get quite crowded on the weekends, being near the north end of Shenadoah Park.  Access to the stream was very easy from Skyline Drive; just park in the Elkswallow picnic area, then take the Appalachian Trail a short distance to Jeremy’s Run trail.  I recommend walking a couple miles down Jeremy’s Run, then fishing your way back uphill (and upstream) to the car.  You can also access Jeremy’s run from the bottom border of the park, but I haven’t tried that yet.

This trip was more about hiking than fishing, so I didn’t get in all that many casts, but I could see that there were plenty of trout in each of the pools.  The river was fairly low (about 6-12″), but there were lots of deeper pools with native brook trout hanging out in them.  Most of the trout I say looked to be 6-8″, but I’m sure there were some bigger ones lurking in there somewhere.

I got a couple hits on a copper john nymph that I had dropped 14″ under an indicator beetle, but didn’t manage to hook any.  I also notice a few trout had started feeding off the surface; a griffith’s gnat probably would have worked well this day if I had any with me.

The trail itself was very scenic, and the hike out, while somewhat strenuous, was not nearly as steep as many of the other trails leading up to Skyline Drive.

Bottom Line:

A very nice hike, and there were a lot of trout in the stream.  I would have liked to have some more time for fishing, but I had my dog along, and he was more interested in playing than in sitting quietly while I fished!  Definitely worth a repeat trip, but probably only when I can get away mid-week, as this stretch of river apparently gets very busy on the weekends with fishers and hikers.


Large pool - Good spot for lunch - Saw several trout surface feeding

Large pool - Good spot for lunch - Saw several trout surface feeding

Typical Shallow Riffles

Typical Shallow Riffles

Typical of the Uppermost Portions of the Stream

Typical of the Uppermost Portions of the Stream

I'm being watched by a ferocious beast!

I'm being watched by a ferocious beast!

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